Nordic Women and Gender History Conference 2018 website launched

See update from the coordinators in Oulu below and check out the new website:

From 7 to 9 June 2018, the 12th Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference will take place in Oulu, Finland. The main organizer is the Department of History at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oulu.

The Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference is an established forum for historians of women, gender and sexuality in the Nordic context. Here, historians working within different academic subfields meet to present and discuss new historical research and questions relevant to the field. Conference languages are the Scandinavian languages and English.

The programme will consist of keynote lectures related to the conference theme, crisis, of thematic sessions and sessions for free presentations.

We welcome proposals for sessions and individual papers, and look forward to an inspiring conference!

The 12th Nordic Women and Gender History Conference calls for sessions and papers that problematise crises with reference to sex and gender.

The theme can be approached, for instance, by addressing the following questions:
– The theoretical, methodological and ethical dimensions of the study of crises
– Crises in (national, religious, ideological, etc.) values
– Personal crises
– How communities remember crises and deal with painful pasts?
– Preventing and solving crises; peace processes
– Surviving and coping with crises in different historical and cultural contexts
– The impact of crises on the experience of different age groups
– Crises in health; environmental crises
– Crises in / and media

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